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Advanced Webmaster Tools, Web Dev Tools & Resources
(Compiled by Eric Gondwe)

This page lists major web development tools and resources. Fear not on the numerous types of developer tools. You don’t need all of them to succeed in web development. Web dev strategy (quality), not quantity of web dev principles is the key.

Most tools listed are not linked to specific sites. This is because for each type of tool there are various programs or code you’ll find online simply by searching for them. They range from open source to free, and to non-free software.

Client-Side Web Dev Tools (Webmastering & Web Design Tools):

HTML Editors (incluing WYSIWYG HTML editors like NetObjects Fusion)
Graphics Utilities
Multimedia (Multimedia Players, Streaming Media Servers, Web Video, etc)
HTML Tools
HTML Entity Chart
Websafe Colour Tool
Frontpage Code Cleaner
Dreamweaver Cleaner
CSS Menu Generator

Server-Side Web Dev Tools:


General Internet Marketing Tools –SEM, SEO, etc:

Ad Creation Tools
Top PPC (pay per click) Bids Checker
Link Popularity Analyzer
Link Price Calculator (Estimate how much to pay for a link)

SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization Tools):
Search Engine Submission Tools
Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Analysis Tool
Keyword Density Checker
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Search Position Checker
Link Popularity Checker
Search Engine Simulator
Search Term Suggestion
META Tag Analyzer
META Tag Generator/ Builder
Web Page Analyser
RewriteRule Generator
Link Appeal Class C Checker
Backlink Checker
Cloaking Checker
Google Banned Checker
Google Datacenter Search
Search Engine Index Checker of # of website pages index
Multi-Rank Checker (Cheker of Google PageRank, Alex, etc)
Search Engine Position (e.g. rank of your site on Google)
Search Listings Preview
Spider View
URL Redirect Checker (Check whether a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly)
Google Keyword Research Tool (Requires Adwords account login)
Bing Webmaster Center -By Microsoft
Google Webmaster Tools -Google
Google Analytics -Google
Google Local Business Center -Google
Yahoo! Site Explorer -Yahoo! Inc
Google’s Webmaster Quize: “Test your webmaster know-how”:
Google SEO resources for beginners -with videos

Web Site Management Tools:

Broken Link Checker
FTP Clients (like Wise-FTP)
Site Traffic Analysis
Website Reviews
Forum, Blog, Wiki & CMS
Website Checker
Reciprocal Link Checker (check reciprocal links to see if link partners still link you)
Server Status (check if a website is online or offline)
Website Speed Test (check how fast a specific webpage loads)

Domain Tools:
Domain Name Lookup - Whois Lookup (Like NWTools.com (Network Tools))
Domain Name Checker
Domain Name Generator
Domain Typo Generator
Expired Domain Checker
Alexa Traffic Rank -Alexa/Amazon Inc.
Broken Link Checker
Domain Availability Checker
Domain Look-up (Retrieve info about a domain)
Domain Whois Checker (domain whois info)

Web Utilities:

DNS Query (Like using NWTools.com (Network Tools))
Ping Test (check the presence of an active connection) (Like NWTools.com (Network Tools))
IP Location (locate the country or region of an IP Address) (NWTools.com (Network Tools))
Reverse IP/Look-up (search for domain names hosted on your IP address)
Mime Types List
MX Record Lookup
Regional Proxy
NS Lookup
.htaccess Generator
Link Checker
Link Extractor
IPS Tag Checker
Cron Generator
HTTP Header Viewer (Like NWTools.com (Network Tools))
Spam Block List Checker (Like NWTools.com (Network Tools))
RSS Tools

Recommended Links to Websites with Free Web Dev and Webmaster Resources
(Mostly Free Resources):

YouTube (Search for web dev, web development, webmaster, or specific areas in web dev)
2CreateAWebSite.com (Blog & website creation guide for beginners. Tones of useful content)
W3Schools (Lots of free resources)
Google Webmaster Central (Google’s Webmaster Help's Channel)
Web Evangelism Guide (For Christian  ministry through web tech)
Web Dev Radio (owned by Web Dev Publishing)
Web Developer’s Journal (owned by QuinStreet Inc)
Web Developer (owned by QuinStreet Inc)
Internet.com (QuinStreet Inc)
Free ebook: Best Practices for Developing a Web Site (search for title in case page link changes)
Web Developer's Virtual Library: The Open Source Reference Library (by QuinStreet Inc)
iWebtool - Lots of free web webmaster tools
Webmaster Toolkit - Lots of free web dev/webmaster tools

Some Recommended Web Dev and Webmaster Newsletters:

WebProNews (owned by iEntry Network)
TechRepublic (A ZDNet brand, owned by CBS Interactive Inc.)
Search Engine Guide (SEM/SEO newsletter)
High Rankings LLC. (SEM/SEO newsletter)
Web Evangelism Guide (Subscription box on bottom of page (when visited on Jan 27, 2010))
Christian Computing Magazine (For ministry through web technology)

Compiled by Eric Gondwe

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