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The Best Affiliate Programs Online for Webmasters/Web Developers
Compiled by Eric Gondwe

What are affiliate programs? To learn what affiliate programs are please click on the following link: affiliate marketing basics.

What are the best affiliate programs online for webmasters/web developers to use on their websites? It’s not an easy answer. Firstly it depends on your web development objectives. Your mission, goals, and objectives will guide you on what suitable affiliate programs to apply.

Secondly, location matters. There are some affiliate programs that are only available in certain regions -e.g. USA only, UK only and so on.

This said, the most well known affiliate programs for web developers are by the major web giants: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Google has Google Adsense, Microsoft has MS adCenter (MS PubCenter), and Yahoo has Yahoo Publisher Network. Below is info on the major players in affiliate programs online for web developers.

1. Best Affiliate Programs for Webmasters, by Sriraj Digital Magazine, Sriraj.org

  1. Adbrite: Serves: US,Asia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
  2. Advertising.com: Serve: US, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK
  3. Banner connect: Serves: US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
  4. Bidvertiser: Serves: US, Canada, UK, France.
  5. Blue lithium: Serves: US, Belarus, Canada, France, UK.
  6. Burst media: Serves: US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
  7. CPX interactive: Serves: US, Asia, Australia, Middle East, New Zealand, UK.
  8. Google Adsense: Serves: US, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, South America
  9. Kitara media: Serves: US, Canada, UK.
  10. Komli: Serves: India, US
  11. Kontera: Serves: US, Canada, UK, Asia
  12. RealTechNetworks: Serves: US, Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, UK.
  13. Tribal fusion: Serves: US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
  14. Value Click media: Serves: US, France, Germany, Sweden, UK
  15. Yahoo publisher network: Serves: US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK

2. Major Google AdSense Advantages for Earning Income:

Major Google AdSense Advantages for Earning Income, by Efimov Anatoliy.

3. The Top 4 Alternatives to Google Adsense:

Top 4 Alternatives to Google Adsense: 1) Yahoo Publisher, 2) MSN adCenter (PubCenter), 3) Chitika, and 4) Kontera, by Johnny.

4. List of Affiliate Programs for Webmasters/Web Developers:

Below is a table listing major affiliate programs for web developers. For a detailed review of each one of them click on the following link to TopBits.com.

* 24-7 RealMedia
* Accelerator Media
* Ad Volcano
* adagency1
* AdBrite
* AdDynamix
* AdEngage
* Adgenta
* Adhearus
* Adify
* AdKnowledge
* AdPepper
* MIVA AdRevenue Xpress
* Adtegrity
* Advertising.com
* AffiliateFuture
* AffiliateSensor
* AffiliateSensor
* AllFeeds
* AVNads
* AzoogleAds
* BannerBoxes
* BardzoMedia
* BidClix
* Bidvertiser
* BlinkAds
* BlueFN
* BlueLithium
* Buds Media Network
* Burst Media
* Casale Media
* Chitika

* Claxon
* ClickBooth
* Clickcent
* Clicksor
* ClickThruTraffic
* ClickXchange
* ClixGalore
* Commission Junction
* contextWeb ContextAd
* CoverClicks
* CPX Interactive
* DynamiContext
* Enhance Interactive
* eType Europe
* eType USA
* ExpoActive
* Fastclick
* Federated Media
* FluxAds
* Hurricane Digital Media
* Hyperbidder
* IncentaClick
* Industry Brains
* Vibrant Media IntelliTXT
* Interclick
* Kanoodle Bright Ads
* Kontera
* LinkShare
* Mamma Media Solutions
* MarketBanker
* MaxBounty


* Mirago
* MSN AdCenter
* Nixie
* Oridian
* OutBout Media
* Oxado
* Paypopup
* PeakClick
* Quigo AdSonar
* RealCast Media
* RealTechNetwork
* Revenue Pilot
* Revenue Science
* Right Media
* Rydium
* Searchfeed
* Searchfeed
* Vibrant Media SmartAd
* TargetFirst
* TargetPoint
* TextLinkAds
* ThunderText
* TMP Express (Traffic Marketplace)
* Traffic Marketplace
* Tremor Media
* Tribal Fusion
* ValueClick
* Veoda
* Yahoo Publisher Network


5. Google vs.  Yahoo vs.  Microsoft -The Big 3, by Vaughn Aubuchon:

Vaughn Aubuchon compares the “Big 3” in great detail at his website at vaughns-1-pagers.com. Click on the following link to the PPC Publisher Network Comparison Chart that he constantly updates. It’ll help in your decision making concerning how best to leverage on the  “Big 3.”

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