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 List of HTML Editors (WYSIWYG editors, text editors, web editors):
Definition/Meaning & Principles
(Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Minor edits by Eric Gondwe)

    * 0 Introduction
    * 1 Text editors
          o 1.1 Basic text editors
          o 1.2 Source code editors
    * 2 Word processors
    * 3 WYSIWYG editors
    * 4 WYSIWYM editors
    * 5 Discontinued editors
    * 6 See also
    * 7 External links

The following is a list of HTML editors with articles in Wikipedia.

Text editors
              Basic text editors
Plain text editors may be used to produce webpages. The following are some commonly used text editors:

    * AkelPad
    * Crimson Editor
    * Emacs
    * gedit
    * jEdit
    * Kate
    * nano
    * Notepad

    * SciTE
    * TextEdit
    * TextMate
    * TED Notepad
    * UltraEdit
    * vi
    * Vim

            Source code text editors
Source code editors evolved from basic text editors, but include additional tools specifically geared toward handling code.

    * ActiveState Komodo
    * Alleycode HTML Editor
    * Aptana
    * Arachnophilia
    * BBEdit
    * BlueFish
    * Coda
    * E Text Editor
    * Eclipse with the Web Tools Platform
    * EditPlus
    * EmEditor
    * HTML-Kit
    * HomeSite
    * Notepad++

    * NoteTab
    * PHPEdit
    * PSPad
    * Scintilla
    * Smultron
    * skEdit
    * TED Notepad
    * TextMate
    * TextPad
    * TextWrangler
    * TopStyle
    * UltraEdit
    * WebTide

Word processors
While word processors are not ostensibly HTML editors, many of the major products are capable of exporting document layouts in HTML format. This offers the ease of use of a word processor, similar to a WYSIWYG product (see below), but has some of the same end product limitations.

    * AbiWord
    * Apple Pages (part of the iWork suite)
    * AppleWorks
    * Microsoft Word
    * OpenOffice.org Writer
    * WordPerfect

WYSIWYG editors
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) code generators offer speed and ease of use.

Many of these editors do not require any knowledge of the programming languages generated by the software.

Some of these editors store pages in a proprietary format and then export them as HTML (possibly along with other formats); the user would continue to maintain the website by working with the files in the proprietary format and re-exporting them. Other, generally simpler WYSIWYG editors are designed to work directly with HTML files.

Exported files tend to be larger than hand-coded pages (those produced with a text-based HTML editor or a plain text editor).

WYSIWYG generators tend to be better than word processors at producing highly graphical and interactive pages.

Although the term WYSIWYG is often used for these editors, they are generally not truly WYSIWYG (see Difficulties in achieving WYSIWYG).

    * Adobe
          o ColdFusion
          o Dreamweaver
    * Altova StyleVision
    * Amaya
    * BestAddress HTML Editor
    * CoffeeCup HTML Editor
    * FirstPage
    * Freeway
    * iWeb
    * KompoZer
     * Media Lab SiteGrinde



    * Microsoft
          o Expression Web
          o SharePoint Designer
          o Visual Studio / ASP.NET Web Matrix
          o Visual Web Developer Express
    * NetObjects Fusion
    * Opera Dragonfly
    * PageBreeze
    * Quanta Plus
    * RapidWeaver
    * Sandvox
    * SeaMonkey Composer
    * Visual Vision
          o Hyper Publish
    * WordPress.com post writer
    * WorldWideWeb

WYSIWYM editors
WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) is an alternative paradigm to WYSIWYG, in which the focus is on the semantic structure of the document rather than on the presentation. These editors produce more logically structured markup than is typical of WYSIWYG editors, while retaining the advantage in ease of use over hand-coding using a text editor.

    * WYMeditor

Discontinued HTML editors
Editors that have been discontinued, but may be in common use
    * Adobe GoLive – Now discontinued. Replaced by Adobe Dreamweaver.
    * AOLpress – Now discontinued.
    * Adobe PageMill – Now discontinued. Replaced by Adobe Dreamweaver.
    * Microsoft FrontPage – Now discontinued. Replaced by Microsoft Expression Web
    * Netscape Composer, Mozilla Composer – Not updated or supported. Replaced by Nvu then KompoZer, or SeaMonkey Composer
    * Nvu; Developer Daniel Glazman is working on replacement, tentatively called Mozilla Composer; a community-driven WYSIWYG HTML editor fork, KompoZer, maintains Nvu codebase and fixes bugs until a successor to Nvu is released.
    * HotDog – essentially discontinued with no updates since 2003
    * WebExpress – essentially discontinued with no updates since 1999
    * HoTMetaL – Replaced by XMeTaL, a commercial XML editor.
    * Claris Home Page - replaced by iWeb (part of iLife for Mac)

See also
    * HTML editor
    * Comparison of HTML editors
    * Comparison of text editors

External links
    * List of "Through the Web" WYSIWYG Web Editors - Browser based
    * A Complete List of WYSIWYG Editors
    * WYSIWYG vs. Hand Coding, the Great Debate
    * W3C List Of HTML Tools (Outdated but kept for historical purpose)
    * List of WYSIWYG Editors

HTML editors
Open source HTML editors: Amaya Aptana KompoZer Quanta Plus Scintilla SeaMonkey

Freeware HTML editors: FirstPage HTML-Kit Microsoft Visual Web Developer Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer

Demoware HTML editors: UltraEdit

Retail Versions
Cross-platform Retail HTML editors: Adobe Dreamweaver

Mac OS X only Retail HTML editors: Coda Freeway iWeb RapidWeaver Sandvox ShutterBug Site Studio skEdit

Windows only Retail HTML editors: Microsoft Expression Web NetObjects Fusion PHPEdit TopStyle CSE HTML Validator

Discontinued HTML editors: Adobe GoLive Claris Homepage HomeSite HotDog Microsoft FrontPage Nvu WorldWideWeb

Source/Author: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., Wikipedia, “List of HTML Editors,” (accessed January 23, 2010). Minor edits by Eric Gondwe.

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